Fraud and crime are endemic across the public sector and the business and corporate worlds. Globally each year it is estimated that property and casualty insurance claims professionals handle more than $300 billion... (more)

Ready to assist you worldwide with your investigative and security needs.

We work for

  • Law Firms
  • Business and Corporations
  • Insurance Companies and Self Insured
  • Government Agencies and Municipalities
  • Profit and Non Profit Organizations
  • Select Individuals

Here are the major areas in which we can assist you.

  • Investigations. Thorough and complete, basic to complex, Fraud, Theft, Background, Pre employment, Lifestyle Inquiry, Insurance Fraud, Workplace Incident. Timely and Accurate.

  • Litigation Support. Our job is to get the information you need to achieve your legal objectives. With diligence and aggressiveness, we gather facts, obtain evidence, locate witnesses and provide all necessary support.

  • Protective Services. Executive and Personal Protection, High Risk, Event Security, Witness Protection, Workplace Incidents, Estate, Property. We provide a range of protective security services.

  • Business Intelligence. For better decision-making. We offer proactive intelligence gathering, investigations, and countermeasures to mitigate risk. Due Diligence, Competitive Intelligence, Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures. We are discreet, confidential, and professional in handling your specific requirements.

  • Security Consulting. Outsourced Security Director, Risk Assessments, Security surveys, Risk Mitigation, Crisis Management, Anti Terrorism, Labor Disputes, Plant closures, workplace violence. We provide solutions for you.

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